Weekend agenda

We do usually try to get out of the house on the weekends. We go for a drive in the mountains, or out to a new place for lunch, or down to the beach for a bit of sun and sand and topless bikini gazing (and it ain’t always pretty, fellas…).

But sometimes, we all prefer to just lounge around the house and read a good book:

Psssst… Hey, Per Christian…. the book is upside down, silly chap!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

Two (+) years and counting

To my Dear Husband,

Remember those days in that faraway land when we first met and were insanely crazy about each other? Remember how we spent the nights without sleeping – just talking and loving and laughing with friends and dancing in our underwear in the living room?

Yeah, those were good days.

Remember how we were separated for a year when I was studying in England? Remember all those joyous reunions and tearful farewells at LHR? Remember all the good friends we made among my classmates and how you became a part of the extended Oxford family? Remember how you supported me during my moments of self-doubt and celebrated me during my moments of victory?

Yeah, those were good days too.

Remember the days we’ve had all over Norway – in Stavanger and Oslo and Bergen and Fevik? How we’ve always crowded too many friends into apartments that were much too small? Remember our shrimp parties and taco parties and sushi parties and Thanksgiving feasts and 17th May brunches and champagne for no reason at all?

Yeah, those were definitely good days.

Remember when you knelt down on your knee at Lake Como and asked me to marry you? Remember how I answered, “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes…“? Remember how we gathered our friends and family in Amalfi to hear us both say, “I do.“? Do you remember the view out our window on our first morning as a married couple?

Oh, wow, such good days.

Remember when I called you from Stavanger and told you I was pregnant? And the first time you felt your son kick inside of me? Remember when Per Christian was born and you held him in your arms and looked up at me with tears in your eyes? Remember when you climbed into my hospital bed and we took our first photo as the Svendsen family?

My-oh-my, is it even possible to have so many good days?

To my dear husband, partner, friend, lover and fellow parent on our second wedding anniversary… I remember all these days and so many more.

And I’m still insanely crazy about you.

With all my love,
Your Wife.

Poking a snake

Since Pappa S is working 15-hour days opening his hotel, I find myself with a lot of solitary time in the evenings. Our miniature meatloaf goes to bed around 6-6:30 every night (I know, I know, everyone hates me….), so there are still several hours to kill before I can reasonably permit myself to go to bed as well.

I’m not complaining, I enjoy a quiet night alone just as much as every other full-time mother. I have a couple different options of how to spend my time – take a look and see if you can figure out which one should not be included on future lists if I want to preserve what little sanity I have left:

  1. Reading – I go through books as quickly as a French chef goes through butter. I thought I’d have less time to read after our baby was born, but it turns out it’s quite the opposite. Every guest that visits us is instructed to bring me their latest reading treasures, and I’m not picky about the genre. If you enjoyed it, pay it forward and send it my way.
  2. Graboid – I discovered this online streaming service a few years ago as a way to keep up with American television while living abroad. I may be far away, but I still need my weekly dose of Grey’s Anatomy every now and then. When I’m home alone in the evenings, I watch the really trashy shows that I can’t admit to in real life (hellooooo, Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad). I’m so ashamed.
  3. Cooking – All my friends know that I’m a fanatic list-maker. And without a regular job in Gran Canaria to occupy my brain and list-making mania, I do the only other reasonable thing you could expect… I plan meals. I make lists of ingredients. I take Per Christian to the market during the day. I buy ingredients and cross them off my list. And then I cook all night because our refrigerator is overflowing and needs to be emptied. So if Pappa S isn’t at home in the evenings, you can find me either in the kitchen cooking or else making another list somewhere. (And, yes, I realize this sounds slightly sad and pathetic to all my fellow MBA colleagues out there, but I promise you’ll enjoy a full stomach whenever you visit Casa Svendsen.)
  4. Blogging – I have more than one post on here that was written in a cloudy haze of solitary red wine drinking (present post included). Probably not a great idea, but I do notice that those posts tend to get more hits than the soberly-written ones. Go figure.
  5. Look at Old Photos and Videos of Per Christian – This one is definitely the kicker. Right as Pappa S and I have decided that we’re perfectly content with our little threesome and feel no need to repeat the experience, I do something stupid like watch old baby videos. The problem is that they’re just soooo cute, it makes me want to do it all over again. Uh oh…..

So, yeah, of all five items above, the last one is the most likely to send me flying over the cookoo’s nest. Of course these videos make me nostalgic for baby-hood; they capture all the wonderful giggles and first-time movements of our own freshly-minted human being. We don’t have any videos of late-night feedings or screaming sessions. There are no videos of mommy slurping coffee with her hair standing on end after a sleepless night. There are no videos of me scouring the internet for answers to why my baby won’t sleep/eat/poop/sleep. They’re all good times, and they make my uterus scream out for a repeat.

So I think it’s best that I stick to drunken blogging and trashy television on my nights alone. We really are a happy little threesome over here – and I even have the videos to prove it.

17 Mai, take two

I posted here about last year’s 17th of May holiday in Norway. Per Christian was just over 6 weeks old and was dressed like a drunken sailor. We had a fantastic brunch with a large group of friends in Oslo, and we got to enjoy everyone’s traditional bunad costumes.

One year later, and my-oh-my how things have changed!

Pappa S is at work today – there’s no holiday here in Spain, and especially if you’re opening a hotel in two weeks. I’ve spent the morning in my pajamas, and I have no plans of changing in the near future. Per Christian is movin’ and grovin’ a lot more than he did last year, when he spent the day sleeping on various shoulders and pieces of furniture.

Here are a few more changes I’ve noticed since this day last year:

Our friends’ terrace in Oslo has been replaced by our own terrace in Gran Canaria:

Last year’s sailor hat has been generously donated to a furry little friend:

Our Norwegian brunch has been replaced by an intimate breakfast of fruit and Cheerios:

And a day off from work has been replaced by a day of laundry:

However, despite all these changes, our little sailor has still managed to wear some semi-appropriate Norwegian attire this morning:

Gratulerer med 17th Mai, Norge!

Style by PC

For all us boy mommies out there, you know we have limited clothing options for our miniature men. Baby stores are filled with dresses of all shapes and sizes for the little ladies, but there are usually slim pickin’s for the fellas in our lives.

But I don’t really mind. Because me, I love me some baby boy overalls. Per Christian may haunt me later in life for forcing such style choices upon him, but that’s for future consideration. For right now, it’s hot, hot HOT in Gran Canaria, and my son is riding out our heat wave in the little boy style I love best:


*** NOTE : My son has a mysterious shoe fetish. As in… he is obsessed with pulling all the shoes off the shoe rack. All the time, every morning, without fail. Shoes belong on the floor, Mommy, not on the shoe rack. Duh….

Leaving town

Here is a standard sequence of events in the Svendsen household lately:

  1. Per Christian goes to barnehagen.
  2. Per Christian plays and cuddles with lots of germ-y babies.
  3. Per Christian brings germs home to Mommy & Pappa.
  4. Per Christian gets sick.
  5. Mommy gets sick.
  6. Pappa gets sick.

So, yep, fun times.

Prosecco & Pampers has been a bit more quiet than usual while this cycle plays itself out. Luckily for us, by the time we reach number six, it’s a new week and Per Christian goes back to barnehagen, thereby beginning the cycle at number one all over again.

It seems like as good a time as any to get out of Dodge, so I’m splitting town this weekend for an all-girls Mommy-palooza gathering in Amsterdam. Just four old married ladies, sans hubbies and sans babies, spending a few precious days to ourselves away from home. It’ll be my first weekend away since Per Christian was born 13 months ago, so I’m thinking it’s long overdue.

I’ve got friends waiting and a sexy new dress packed in my luggage – and the fridge is stocked with beer and frozen pizza for Pappa.

Amsterdam, here I come!