Two (+) years and counting

To my Dear Husband,

Remember those days in that faraway land when we first met and were insanely crazy about each other? Remember how we spent the nights without sleeping – just talking and loving and laughing with friends and dancing in our underwear in the living room?

Yeah, those were good days.

Remember how we were separated for a year when I was studying in England? Remember all those joyous reunions and tearful farewells at LHR? Remember all the good friends we made among my classmates and how you became a part of the extended Oxford family? Remember how you supported me during my moments of self-doubt and celebrated me during my moments of victory?

Yeah, those were good days too.

Remember the days we’ve had all over Norway – in Stavanger and Oslo and Bergen and Fevik? How we’ve always crowded too many friends into apartments that were much too small? Remember our shrimp parties and taco parties and sushi parties and Thanksgiving feasts and 17th May brunches and champagne for no reason at all?

Yeah, those were definitely good days.

Remember when you knelt down on your knee at Lake Como and asked me to marry you? Remember how I answered, “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes…“? Remember how we gathered our friends and family in Amalfi to hear us both say, “I do.“? Do you remember the view out our window on our first morning as a married couple?

Oh, wow, such good days.

Remember when I called you from Stavanger and told you I was pregnant? And the first time you felt your son kick inside of me? Remember when Per Christian was born and you held him in your arms and looked up at me with tears in your eyes? Remember when you climbed into my hospital bed and we took our first photo as the Svendsen family?

My-oh-my, is it even possible to have so many good days?

To my dear husband, partner, friend, lover and fellow parent on our second wedding anniversary… I remember all these days and so many more.

And I’m still insanely crazy about you.

With all my love,
Your Wife.