V Day 2014

I’ve heard a lot of exclamations about V Day recently – victory day, one billion rising day, barbie-on-the-sports-illustrated-cover day, someone-complaining-about-something day…. I just can’t even keep track anymore. I don’t mean to be glib about anyone’s missions or passions or quests for social equality – really, I don’t.

I just really, honestly can’t keep track.

But my V Day today, for example, involved red roses and a babysitter. Really, can it get any better than that?!

Valentine’s Day used to be something I taught my foreign language students about in Russia. “Hmmmm…yeah…I think saint so-and-so….somewhere….did something…. so we get chocolates and cards with hearts. Yeah! Let’s practice love poems in English, shall we?

(Except I’m an American and would never, ever say “shall” in public. Not a chance.)

Back in the day, my (then) boyfriend / (current) husband and I would make grand plans for the day, starting with champagne for breakfast and ending with lingerie and other things I can’t mention because my mother-in-law still reads these posts.

But these days… give me a night out with a few J&B on the rocks and – BAM! – Happy V Day to us, baby!

Now, listen ladies. LISTEN! This is not to say that romance is dead. Nothing is further from the truth! I had roses delivered to my door and a lovely note that expressed good, honest, true-to-the-bone emotion (which, as all you women know, is essentially the equivalent of Bilbo Baggins searching for the Holy Grail… )

So grab your man/woman/partner/animal and CELEBRATE all you lovely people out there! Celebrate, as a friend recently reminded me, the moments when you dance in the kitchen and crack open a bottle of champagne on a Tuesday for No Reason Whatsoever.

Good stuff!

Happy v-day to everyone, no matter what your cause of celebration or method for intaking happy substances into your system. Enjoy the moment, dance in the kitchen, and enjoy the babysitter while they’re still on the payroll!

Good stuff 🙂

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