Hello World – I’m 1 month old today!

It’s been a busy first month for me, adjusting my tiny body to the heavy demands of the outside world. But I’ve learned a lot already – as have mommy and pappa.

Here are a few achievements I’m especially proud about:

  • Eating – check!… Boobies – yummm. Bottles – nope, not so much
  • Pooping – check!… I mastered the Art of the Dirty Diaper in record time
  • Crying – check!… Although not as bad (or as often) as originally feared, I can still belt out a real earth-shaker when the mood suits
  • Cuddling – check!… I enjoy long cuddles on the couch while mommy watches all this Royal Wedding nonsense
  • Sleeping – check!… OK, so mommy would disagree with me here, but she also repeatedly says that I’m perfect, so I’m checking this off the list
  • The Stroller – check!… I love my daily walks around Olso, it’s the only time I get a guaranteed nap with lullabies of horns honking and city noise in the background
  • Entertaining – check!… I have an uncanny ability to be on my best behavior around company, as long as mommy doesn’t try to put me to bed and miss the party. Forget that – duh!

And last, but certainly not least….

  • Prosecco-tasting – check!… Much to mommy’s relief, I can handle a daily glass of Prosecco well enough to make any Svendsen proud

Stay tuned for more fun to come!

Our Brady Bunch

And now for something completely different, a cultural reference lesson for the non-American readers among us…
“The Brady Bunch” was a very popular TV sitcom back in the early 70’s that portrayed the trials and tributions of a blended family from two separate marriages. Three girls on one side and three boys on the other, learning to live together over five years of predictable sitcom life.
” … There’s the story of a lovely lady with three very lovely girls… lalalala…. and a man named Brady with three boys of his own, this group formed a family and that’s how they all became the Brady bunch…. lalalala…
If this still doesn’t ring a bell, check out this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brady_bunch

Per and I have our own spin on the Brady bunch here in Oslo. Our amazing circle of friends has become our blended family in this first month of newborn bliss. (And by “bliss” I of course mean every emotion from tears of joy to tears of frustation…) With our much wiser and more experienced parents residing in faraway locales like Sri Lanka and South Carolina, our friends have stepped in to fill the gap. “Our friends are our family,” is a saying often repeated these past few weeks in the Svensend household.

Our friends have entertained us, fed us, walked with us, cleaned our floors and pushed our child around grocery stores ever since Day One. They have held Per Christian when mommy & pappa needed a break, and they have lavished so much love upon him that the poor child is miserable when his lackluster  parents are the only ones around. Per Christian already bears the typical Svendsen mark of never being able to miss a party – he refuses to sleep when there are visitors in the house for fear that he might miss one more cuddle or one exciting moment. Such is the Svendsen cross he’s born to bear….

So this post is an Ode of Joy to all our friends out there that have ushered Per Christian into being this first month. Thank you for caring for our newborn and his parents. Thank you for being our own personal Brady bunch family.

And now, some photos…. 

Parenting 101: Tumbling down the Rabbit Hole

In the world of Prosecco vs. Pampers, the diapers are winning. Yesterday was a Pampers day, no doubt about it. Today – kind of a bit of Prosecco, actually. And it all has to do with expectations.

The routine goes like this – wake up, change diaper, eat First Course, burp, check diaper, hang out w/ your adoring mummy & pappa (Per Christian apparently considers this step to be optional), eat Second Course, soothe via walking/lullaby/rocking, optional Dessert Course, sleep.

Repeat. And repeat….. and repeat.

Yesterday was initiation by fire, Alice down the rabbit hole. Tears were shed and prayers were offered up to dieties I didn’t even know existed. But today? Today’s okay because we’ve already been there, done that. We’re learning a bit more each day about reading Per Christian’s expressions and anticipating which of his four major needs (i.e. – eating, changing, sleeping, or luvin’) is going to come next. And he’s got a couple of real winning faces that we’re learning to gauge.

For example, the wrinkled forehead, wide-eyed questioning look (see Exhibit 1, left) that means either:

(1) “I think I recognize and trust you people gazing so fondly at me, but I’m not quite sure yet,” or
(2) “I’m going to majorly poop right now and you suckers are going to have to clean it up. Again. Ha!”


Also, the head-into-the shoulders burrowing look (which I’ve dubbed “The Turtle”) that means either:

(1) “I love you mummy & pappa and I’m snuggling in close to you for protection and comfort,” or
(2) “I’m getting uncomfortable and am going to scream for mysterious reasons within the next three seconds. Again. Ha!” 

Like I said – we’re getting CLOSER to figuring out his expressions, but we ain’t quite there yet.

But anyway, it’s always good to have an occasional Prosecco day in the midst of all the Pampers.

And now for adoring grandparents and Per Christian fans everywhere, here are some photos from Week 1 of the rabbit hole.

Home Sweet Home

Enough said…. ?

Photos and more coming up – just as soon as Mummy & Pappa can recall the difference between night and day.

Thank you all for the many good wishes you’ve been sending our way!