Parenting 101: Tumbling down the Rabbit Hole

In the world of Prosecco vs. Pampers, the diapers are winning. Yesterday was a Pampers day, no doubt about it. Today – kind of a bit of Prosecco, actually. And it all has to do with expectations.

The routine goes like this – wake up, change diaper, eat First Course, burp, check diaper, hang out w/ your adoring mummy & pappa (Per Christian apparently considers this step to be optional), eat Second Course, soothe via walking/lullaby/rocking, optional Dessert Course, sleep.

Repeat. And repeat….. and repeat.

Yesterday was initiation by fire, Alice down the rabbit hole. Tears were shed and prayers were offered up to dieties I didn’t even know existed. But today? Today’s okay because we’ve already been there, done that. We’re learning a bit more each day about reading Per Christian’s expressions and anticipating which of his four major needs (i.e. – eating, changing, sleeping, or luvin’) is going to come next. And he’s got a couple of real winning faces that we’re learning to gauge.

For example, the wrinkled forehead, wide-eyed questioning look (see Exhibit 1, left) that means either:

(1) “I think I recognize and trust you people gazing so fondly at me, but I’m not quite sure yet,” or
(2) “I’m going to majorly poop right now and you suckers are going to have to clean it up. Again. Ha!”


Also, the head-into-the shoulders burrowing look (which I’ve dubbed “The Turtle”) that means either:

(1) “I love you mummy & pappa and I’m snuggling in close to you for protection and comfort,” or
(2) “I’m getting uncomfortable and am going to scream for mysterious reasons within the next three seconds. Again. Ha!” 

Like I said – we’re getting CLOSER to figuring out his expressions, but we ain’t quite there yet.

But anyway, it’s always good to have an occasional Prosecco day in the midst of all the Pampers.

And now for adoring grandparents and Per Christian fans everywhere, here are some photos from Week 1 of the rabbit hole.

8 thoughts on “Parenting 101: Tumbling down the Rabbit Hole

  1. He’s adorable!!! Sooo cute and looks so awake already and even smiley! We are really happy for you. See you very soon! xx Anne&Co

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