Hello World – I’m 1 month old today!

It’s been a busy first month for me, adjusting my tiny body to the heavy demands of the outside world. But I’ve learned a lot already – as have mommy and pappa.

Here are a few achievements I’m especially proud about:

  • Eating – check!… Boobies – yummm. Bottles – nope, not so much
  • Pooping – check!… I mastered the Art of the Dirty Diaper in record time
  • Crying – check!… Although not as bad (or as often) as originally feared, I can still belt out a real earth-shaker when the mood suits
  • Cuddling – check!… I enjoy long cuddles on the couch while mommy watches all this Royal Wedding nonsense
  • Sleeping – check!… OK, so mommy would disagree with me here, but she also repeatedly says that I’m perfect, so I’m checking this off the list
  • The Stroller – check!… I love my daily walks around Olso, it’s the only time I get a guaranteed nap with lullabies of horns honking and city noise in the background
  • Entertaining – check!… I have an uncanny ability to be on my best behavior around company, as long as mommy doesn’t try to put me to bed and miss the party. Forget that – duh!

And last, but certainly not least….

  • Prosecco-tasting – check!… Much to mommy’s relief, I can handle a daily glass of Prosecco well enough to make any Svendsen proud

Stay tuned for more fun to come!

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