Newton’s law

NOTE: This post has been updated on 14 October due to my embarrassing blunder in scientific history. Blerg! See here for full disclosure…

I remember when I was young(er) and my father would travel quite often for business. This was always, always the time when something went wrong in our house and my mother would have to deal with it alone. It was inevitable – the plumbing would rupture, the toilet would overflow, the car would break down, the dog would get sick, the kids would get arrested (kidding).

Of course, this was also inevitably the time when my mother would wallpaper the bathroom or paint the kitchen. I guess Newton’s Murphy’s law worked both ways in my house.

Now that Pappa Svendsen is gone for two weeks getting set up in Gran Canaria (check out our new locale here), I’m discovering a new-found sympathy for my mother’s former plights. He’s only been gone for four days and already Newton Murphy is in full swing.

The computer breaks down and I don’t know what to do (we recently purchased a MacBook Air which I both love and hate in equal intervals).

Lille Per discovers the joys of the television remote and now you can just guess what doesn’t work anymore.

Teething pains descend and Lille Per is at maximum levels of fussiness until – miraculously – tooth number two made an appearance.

And days like this happen that make me wonder how single mothers ever survive.

We’re only renting our place here in Oslo, so I’m not following in my mother’s wallpaper/painting footsteps quite yet. But I am doing my own version of pet projects during my quiet nights at home – writing on this blog, trying out some new recipes (since I’m the only potential victim), looking over a few Spanish lessons, taking a quick farewell trip to a friend up North…. Whatever it takes to get out of the house and avoid as many versions of Newton-ness Murphy-ness as possible.

Let’s just hope the kids don’t get arrested while he’s gone (kidding).

5 thoughts on “Newton’s law

  1. You have a good pen M, I love to read your blog. Qué pasa? When are you all leaving, any dates yet? I’m off to Jeddah in a couple of hours, will try to call during the weekend.
    By the way, Newton is the chap with the apple and 9.82m/s, right? We pilot’s are experimenting with this on a daily basis that’s why we have to live with Murphy. (If anything can go wrong it will, and at the worst possible moment, etc..)
    Whilst we are checking on connections from EU to Las Palmas all the best to you all!

    • Hey Pop! If you like to read this blog then you’ll notice my new post. Oi, how embarrassing to mix up my history brain! I like how you gently pointed out my blunder though – very subtle of you… 🙂
      Hope to see you all in GC very soon. PC is growing like a weed and I’m sure he’d love to see his farmor and farfar again!

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