A week of firsts

I did something today for the first time…. I took a shower while Per Christian napped. To those non-baby-fearing people in the audience, this probably sounds like a no-brainer. Child sleeps = mommy showers. Duh.

But to those of us who know first-hand about life with a two-month-old, you’ll understand why I consider it to be an accomplishment. It means that Per Christian has enough of a routine established that I can assume he’ll sleep long enough to for me to bathe in peace. (Notice use of the word “routine” rather than “schedule” – saying the latter in Norway is like swearing in Babyland’s sacred church…)

Per Christian is a cat-napper, sleeping in short 30-40 minute intervals throughout the day. I’ve heard that some babies sleep for hours at a time – whoever has a child like that, I hate you. Until now, I haven’t been able to really predict whether his nap would be a real immersion or just a dip in the slumber pool. So in order to still maintain a socially acceptable level of hygiene, I’ve always brought him into the bathroom with me in his little activity chair. Between the peaceful sounds of running water and the hair dryer, this was usually the result:

But today he went down for his morning nap and I took a chance by bringing the baby monitor into the bathroom and holding my breath. The running commentary in my head went something like this….

“OK, he’s still asleep, I can use conditioner… he’s still asleep, I can use soap rather than just rinsing…. he’s still asleep, I can use this exfoliation bar thing-y I have here…. holy moley, he’s still asleep! I’m going to actually shave my legs gosh darn it!”

So yes, the morning went well.

Also in the Week-of-Firsts is Per Christian’s first time rolling over! (I understand this event is probably more interesting to you readers than my showering routine, but I’m the author and I’m in charge and slightly selfish so I led with myself this time…) We’d been enjoying a spot of tummy time in the middle of the kitchen on Gran’s quilt, when all of a sudden he just pushed off his hands and flipped over! The poor chap didn’t really know what happened, and the shocked look on his face upon finding himself head’s up made me think of the “Dead Ants” game we used to play on my high school track team.

I did actually catch his flip on video, but I don’t have the functionality to post it here. Sorry about that, but here are some other good catches from the week to enjoy instead.

Deep discussions with Pappa in the AM:

How did my little boy get so big already?!?!

My friend Goril says that Per Christian looks “very healthy,” which based upon this photo means he looks like a miniature Winston Churchill:

A spot of red hair, perhaps?

Chillin’ yet again with Auntie Larissa and Nina-to-be:

Wishing you all a great week ahead!

3 thoughts on “A week of firsts

  1. He growing so fast… so glad l am soon coming to Norway for 2 month holiday…….So see you soon Per Christian.
    Best regards to mom and dad.
    Love from farmor

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