Status achieved

Apparently, the Norwegian government now recognizes Per Christian Svendsen as a Norwegian citizen fit for travel to foreign destinations. His mother and father, on the other hand, are wondering — “Who IS this person in the passport photo?!?!” Neither one of us recognize this little man as the small organism we brought home from the hospital ten weeks ago. How did time pass so quickly?

Taking Per Christian’s passport photo was an interesting experience – going down to the photo store on one of our daily jaunts, laying him out on the white mattress with the photographer standing above him, battling against every shred of sanity to actually wake him long enough to face the camera and get the shot taken. When they then developed and handed me the photo, I could hardly believe that this is how the world will see my son. He’s a good-looking chap, don’t get me wrong, but I hardly even recognized him!

Here are a few more photos from recent sunny days in Oslo. I hope you are all having a great summer and that we’ll get to see you at some point!

The two Christian’s in our Oslo family:








The lovely Larissa and Nina-to-be (Per Christian is first in line for boyfriend status):

Hmmm… He’ll have to get better at hiding his thoughts around the boobies….

Tummy-time is always rich with photo opportunities:

Per Christian bringing ganster-style to Oslo:








Another sunny day and bottle of champagne in Oslo:








Another sunny day and glass of white wine in Oslo:








Per Christian and Pappa:

Per Christian & Momma:

1 thought on “Status achieved

  1. Hi Per Christian…..You are growing so fast, farmor looking forward to see you soon…, give mom and dad the best regards from me…
    Big hug from FARMOR………….

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