Boys vs. Girls

So we’re expecting a boy to arrive at the end of March (or so the ultrasound promises), a little Svendsen Jr. who I hope will take after his handsome father. It’s my own little contribution to world peace – adding one more  well-trained, tender-hearted Scandinavian to the list of eligible bachelors.

I actually love that we’re having a boy because I’m not a very “girlie” girl. I don’t melt at the sight of bows and ribbbons on little girls’ clothing and I don’t know what to do with all things pink. Even my husband wears more pink than I do and, trust me, he wears it well. I think miniature plaid shirts and denim jeans are much cuter, and I’m quite happy to buy crib sheets with trucks and trains and puppy dog tails on them, thank you very much.

(Besides all the above, I’ve also always secretly dreaded my mother’s threat of, “I hope you have one just like you!” So I feel like I’ve narrowly escaped something disastrous.) 

But if we were having a girl, I’d want her to look like this at eight days old…. you’d have to be made of stone not to melt at this sight:

On a separate note, I had a wonderful surprise baby shower thrown for me last weekend, complete with international visitors from London and Ireland. It was COLD here in Oslo, but everyone fearlessly gathered anyway to fill my weekend with happy tidings for the imminent arrival. Many thanks go out to my good friend Neda who organized all the festivities.

So while Per was out skiing in Austria with 10 other drunken Vikings, I got showered with massages, gifts and good girlfriends at home…. whichever scenario appeals to you more probably depends upon your gender, age and overall level of mental health.

A few photos from the baby shower are below, shamelessly pilfered from Mariah Hartman’s Facebook account. (Click any image for full-sized versions.)

Tomorrow Per and I go furniture shopping for the nursery – more updates and photos to come!

1 thought on “Boys vs. Girls

  1. Marguerite, MY mother used to say to me “I hope you have one just like you!” So…..What great friends you have! Loved the pictures. Reminded me of my green coat that had a permanent bump in the front of it. Got rid of it because I could never get it back in shape!

    Lot you lots! MOM

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