A first attempt…

I used to be good at this.

I used to imagine fully-developed fairy tales in my head and receive high marks in creative writing. My college essay applications were easy, and my letters home from Russia were something my mother saved for future memoires.

But I’ve gotten a bit out of practice. I’ve been influenced by an era of one-liner Facebook updates and business school PowerPoint slides. Everything must be short, succinct and highly entertaining. Entire thoughts/ observations/ philosophies must be offered up in bite-sized pieces.

I want to get back into writing for the sake of writing. Plus, there’s a new family member on the way and I’m sure some people out there will want to follow his progress.

So…. since maternity and impending parenthood isn’t challenge enough, and since I now find myself semi-removed from the corporate world until February 2012, I bring to you the new Svendsen family blog, “Prosecco and Pampers.” A collection of stories, photos and anecdotes from the (growing) Svendsen family in Oslo. An instant bestseller based upon the name alone.

Anyone reading this is well-acquainted with Per and I, and the lifestyle we love to live. The overriding slogan of the Svendsen Residence has always been “Drink champagne for no reason at all.” That’s why Per & I get along so well and, quite honestly, that’s a big part of why we’re happily married. (Probably that’s also why we’re pregnant, but that’s another story for different type of blog.)

In consulting-world speak, prosecco represents the “AS-IS” Svendsen Residence. It reminds me of all things Italian – leisurely pasta lunches, dinner tables occupied by good friends, sun-filled days spent along the Amalfi coast. Prosecco symbolizes summer boat trips, it’s Per making sure everyone’s glass is filled, it’s champagne without the posh. The art of doing nothing at all. Live it, love it.

Pampers represents the “TO-BE” Svendsen Residence. Like good naive parents around the world, we have no idea what’s in store for us. We (meaning “me”) have read the pregnancy books and keep a running list of must-have items for the nursery. Surprisingly enough, nowhere on that list is a storage unit for Prosecco. Dirty diaper pails, sure, but alas – no wine chiller in the nursery. (Per claims it’s still up for discussion….) We know what Prosecco represents to us, but we don’t have a clue about Pampers.

So it’ll be interesting to see how our AS-IS and TO-BE situations merge. Or not. Either way, there will surely be stories to share and photos to post along the way. And I’m hopeful that at least some people will want to laugh with us through it all.

Welcome to the next great Svendsen adventure!

7 thoughts on “A first attempt…

  1. You’ve already got your first fan for your blogg!! So looking forward to the stories happening in the near future! Take good care and good luck for all that’s coming- truly amazing! Big whale hug 😉

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