You should see the other guy….

This morning, I was imagining in my head a conversation between Per Christian and his little friends at the local barnehagen. It went something like this:


Nameless baby at barnehagen : “Dude, you look pretty messed up today. Scrapes and bruises everywhere and – wait – is that a chipped tooth in your mouth?!”

Per Christian : “You bet it is. And you should see the other guy…”


Random mind ramblings aside, it is true that our little warrior now has a two chipped front teeth. He slipped while furiously crawling around the terrace the other day and went tumbling nose-first into the cement floor. All I heard was a resounding “crack!” of something or other, and then lots of heart-breaking tears.

The tears finally dried and the blood was finally all wiped away to reveal a cut on his upper lip and two cracked front teeth. He’s eating normally (“with great gusto” is how he normally eats…), so I’m assuming the injury isn’t painful any longer.

I asked the doctor during a routine appointment what I should do about the teeth, and he just shrugged and laughed. “Get the camera,” he said. “You’re going to have a lot of goofy photos for a while.”

So here’s my attempt at capturing the injury for y’all:

Oh well, what can I say? This kid may be injured, but he’s still way too squirmy to pose for a photo!

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