Back to business

For all you die-hard PC fans and doting grandparents everywhere, I know exactly what you’re thinking…. “Thanks, mommy dearest, for all your thoughts and ramblings, but what about the little chap? When do we get to see a bit of him again?!”

That’s okay, I’m not offended that you’d rather look at my son than read my writing. Really. I’m here to serve.

So without further ado and to appease the masses, here are some shots of Per Christian adapting to his difficult life in Gran Canaria….

First, a “before” shot of the week we left Oslo – no more coats and hats for this little boy!

He’s really chomping at the bit to get on his feet – I have about 100 shots all identical to this one:

Speaking of chomping, here he is with his favorite teething toy. Those fancy-schmancy teething rings I bought him?? Forget it – he’d rather have a cardboard box:

We’re pretty lucky to be within walking distance of Per’s new hotel, so every once in a while Per Christian gets lunch with pappa (note – the beer was actually on a Saturday…)

The beginning of each day starts in bed with mommy and pappa — undivided attention, cuddles and a bottle filled with warm milk… What better way to start the day?

Every afternoon is reading time to prepare for Per Christian’s entrance exams to Oxford. (Kidding, maybe a little….) By the way – these hard books are also excellent teething toys in lieu of the ones mommy bought.

All dressed and ready for a day on the town. This little fair-haired child has quickly become the toast of the town — the darker locals love his blond hair and the Scandinavian pensioners always stop to pet him. He’s never gotten so much attention before, which I think suits him just fine….

He’s getting pretty skilled with the high chair, even the cheap plastic ones they have at the cafes. He’ll usually last about seven minutes in it before his Scream of Boredom begins – just enough time to drain my cortado in peace.

And then, every afternoon and evening, peace descends upon the house as Per Christian drifts off to never-never land. This could be the single best advertisement for Pampers diapers I’ve ever seen.

That’s all folks!

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