Growing a melon… (photos!)

I’ve been hesitant to take or share any belly pictures during this pregnancy, mostly out of a keen interest to deny that my body wasn’t as fit and trim as I’m used to. But now that the end is in sight and I can no longer deny that something’s going on down there, I think it’s interesting to see the progression over the weeks.

So I’m giving in to popular demand (and several fierce requests from my mother), and sharing a few shots of the Melon as he’s grown and changed over the past nine months. I didn’t originally set out to capture the progression, but it seems to have happened anyway. Enjoy!

Fidel at 12 weeks

18 weeks and growing

22 weeks - in the US for Thanksgiving

27 weeks - in Sri Lanka for Christmas and New Year's

38 weeks - no denying the changes anymore

Latest from today, 39 weeks and 2 days (counting, counting....)

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