Home Sweet Home

Per and I agreed not to begin preparing our nursery until after the holidays had passed last year. We were both working quite a lot at the time, and the arrival of little Fidel seemed so far in the future that getting his room ready just wasn’t a priority.

I suppose the downside to this Master Plan was that the decorating began following our trip to Sri Lanka when I was at my highest level of “elephant-crazy.” For those who haven’t experienced it, beware – it’s a particularly persistent ailment that encourages ga-ga behaviour towards this particular brand of pachyderm, much to the amusement  and possible embarrassment of loved ones around them. It does, however, make for extremely easy holiday gift ideas.

I mean, seriously – how can any half-respectable American brought up in the Disney land of Dumbo (and with the hormone level that comes with being six months pregnant) NOT get choked up by the sight of elephant snuggling?!?!

Photo from the Sri Lankan Elephant Orphanage, January 2011

Besides the snuggling bit, reading up on elephants makes me less afraid of my own upcoming labor and delivery. According to my extensive research (consisting of one photo book on the Sri Lankan elephant), elephant mothers carry their young for 18-22 months before they’re born at the staggering weight of 75-115 kilos (i.e. a LOT of pounds). Somehow the thought of harvesting my 3-kilo Melon isn’t so frightening in relative terms.

So Fidel’s nursery has a definite elephant theme to it – elephant toys, pictures, stuffed animals, even a few sleepers and blankets. Per has been extremely accepting of my departure to crazy-land and, just like intelligent pappas-to-be everywhere, he’s let mommy have a free hand in all the details. (However, I did hear that he gave instructions to my shower organizers for “no more f****ing elephant gifts….)

We still have a few minor things to add, and this doesn’t show the vintage Svendsen cradle we have ready in the bedroom, but for the most part we’re all done and ready for our son’s arrival. Hurry up little Melon, we’re ready for you!

The Svendsen nursery

Where the Melon will sleep soundly at all times, and where Pappa will change all his diapers

First six months of clothing supplies - we have no idea if it's too much or too little...

Svendsen Jr's first shoe collection!

Yep, more elephant-crazy

The famous diaper cake, which I haven't had the heart to dismantle yet.

I've already tested the chair and proven that it's nap-worthy material.

Friends in waiting....

More friends

Have baby, will travel! We fully expect Fidel to inherit his parents' travel bug.

That’s it for now…. Have a great weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. When he see this room through your eyes, I think he will be very happy and satisfied….. Looks very good…..Have a nice weekend….
    Love from soon Farmor.

  2. The nursery looks adorable!!! We wish you luck waiting for your precious one to come!!!! Lots of love from the Cups!!!

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